I can’t put my finger on why, I can’t articulate why, but I have this desperate need to be creative and I just can’t find my voice. 

It feels like a stone in my stomach. Constipating the free movement inside of me. Gross, right? I’ve written seven new blog posts in as many days and yet I still, strongly feel like I’ve nothing to say, nothing that feels like I’ve said anything, nothing of value to me, or even to you.

I’ve felt this way before too. Like I want to draw. Or make music. Or write stories. Or record movies or screencasts. Or share my creative outlet. But it’s all bunged up. No where to go. Not even coming out right. 

Dissatisfaction with oneself. That’s what rattles around my head. Never enough. Not quite right. If only…

I want to make something, but I don’t know what. Or maybe I’m just waiting to forget I feel this way.